Kerala PSC LP/UP School Assistant Expected Questions - 05

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1. Observe the Picture given below :
What type of development it denotes?
(A) Mental Development

(B) Physical Development

(C) Emotional Development
(D) Psychomotor Development
2. When Anu was in 4 th standard, she used to participate very actively in all classroom works. But after entering 5 th standard, she appeared quite gloomy and in attentive. Which method do you adopt to solve the problem?
(A) Observation

(B) Action Research
(C) Case Study
(D) Testing

3. The developmental stage in which logical thinking and abstract thinking are at the best :
(A) Infancy
(B) Childhood
(C) Adolescence
(D) Old age
4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a five year old child?
(A) Imitates
(B) Acquires body balance
(C) Shows interest in play 

(D) Has abstract thinking ability
5.A child's first means of communication is through :
(A) Cooing
(B) Crying
(C) Smiling
(D) Through simple words

6. A child who used to play with white rabbits became fearful of seing even white coloured objects later. This is due to :
(A) Conditioning
(B) Mental disturbances
(C) Adjustment Problem
(D) Dislike Play

7. Observe the dots, see whether there forms a figure? Which characteristic of mind explains this perception?
(A) Similarity
(B) Proximity
(C) Continuity
(D) All of the above

8. According to Gestalt theory, learning is most effective by :

(A) Repetition
(B) Problem solving
(C) Trial and error
(D) Conditioning

9. As per the Piaget's theory on Cognitive development, the following figures are developed to measure a particular ability of the children :
Here it used to identify :
(A) Reversibility
(B) Ability in classification
(C) Logical thinking
(D) Ability to infer

10. Minitha had learned type writing. When she reached high school, she has to learn computer where she could able to operate computer key board very easily. This can be attributed to :

(A) Transfer of training
(B) Practice on keyboard
(C) Interest in using computer
(D) Simplicity of the keyboard


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