PSC Notification August 2014

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Kerala Psc has invited fresh applications for various post in various departments. All the applicants are requested to submit their applications online through their registered psc accounts. If you are new to psc one time registration procedure, please go through..
Applications sent through conventional methods will be rejected.
1. Head of section in Information Technology
2. Pre Primary Teacher (Deaf School)
3. Deputy Town Planner 
4. Junior Manager (Quality Assurance)
5. Trade Instructor Grade II (Tool and Die Making)
6. Technical Assistant
7. Forman (Central Workshop)
8. Stenographer Grade IV
9. Lower Division Accountant
10. Assistant Pharmacist
11. Attender
12. High School Assistant Social Studies 
13. Physical Education Teacher
14. Lower Division Clerk / Bill Collector
15. Lineman Grade I
16. Pump Operator / Plumber  
17. Watchman / Night Watchman (for Ex-Serviceman Only)
18. Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesiology
19. Senior Lecturer in Anatomy
20. Senior Lecturer in Community Medicine
21. Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
22. Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry 
23. Lecturer in Arabic 
24. Diary Extension Officer
25. Vocational Teacher in Live Stock Management post 
26. Scientific Assistant in Chemistry  
27. Cooly Worker
28. LP School Assistant Malayalam Medium
29. LP School Assistant Kannada Medium 
30. Tug Driver 
31. Nurse Grade II (Ayurveda)  
32. Confidential Assistant Grade II  (SC)
33. Confidential Assistant Grade II (LC and Muslim) 
34. Confidential Assistant Grade II (LC/AI) 
35. Clerk - Typist    
36. Lower Division Clerk 
37. Lower Division Clerk (Kannada and Malayalam Knowing) 
39. Reserve Watcher/ Depot Watcher/ Survey Lascars/ TBWatchers/ Bunglow Watchers/Depot and Watch StationWatcher/ Plantation Watchers/Maistries/TimberSupervisors/Tope Warden/ Thana Watcher/DispensaryAttendant etc. 
40. Assistant Insurance Medical Officer 
41. Assistant Engineer 
42. Assistant Engineer Civil  
43. Vocational Instructor in Agriculture 

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