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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 198

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1. 'Reverberation' of sound means?
Answer :- Reflection of sound

2. Gun metal is an alloy of?
Answer:- Copper, Tin and Zinc

3. Which of the equipment used for changing voltage?
Answer:- Transformer

4. The creature which has the shortest life span is?
Answer:- Mayfly

5. An instrument used for spectrum analyasis is?
Answer:- Spectroscope

6. The most effective pesticide for general use against most garden pests is?
Answer:- Malathion

7. Dwarf shooters are present in?
Answer:- Pinus

8. The name given to pollination by the agency of water is?
Answer:- Hydrophily

9. A non-living component of a living cell is?
Answer:- Vacuole

10. Tin is purified by?
Answer:- Liquation

11. Pyrolusite is the ore of which metal?
Answer:- Manganese

12. What is the unit of illuminance?
Answer:- Lux

13. What is the chemical name of Lunar caustic?
Answer:- Silver nitrate

14. What is the number of spinal nervers in a human body?
Answer:- 31 pairs

15. What is the cause of Athlet's foot disease?
Answer:- Fungi

16. Ottis is affecting which part of the body?
Answer:- Ear

17. The energy travel through a telephone line is?
Answer:- Electrical energy

18. Who was the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India?
Answer:- Dr.Homi.J.Bhaba

19. The sea-breeze flows during?
Answer:- Day ffrom sea to land

20. How many dynes are there in 1 gram weight?
Answer:- 981

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