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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 197

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1. Nautrical mile is a unit of distance used in?
Answer :- Navigation

2. The botanical name of brinjal is?
Answer :- Solanum melongena

3. The compound causes ozone depletion is?
Answer :- CFC

4. Super male having ____ geno type?
Answer :- XYY

5. Treads on the shoe soles are made to increase?
Answer :- Friction

6. Which element is depleted most from the soil after a crop is harvested?
Answer :- Potassium

7. Amalgams are the compound which always contain?
Answer :- Hg

8. Temporary hardness is caused in water due to the presence of?
Answer :- Calcium bi carbonate

9. Metals are good conductors of electricity because?
Answer :- they contain free electrons

10. A concentrated source of protein for vegetarians is?
Answer :- Soyabean

11. The roads get damaged if there is?
Answer :- Stagination of water on road

12. The force between two protons is ?
Answer :- Attractive or repulsive depending on the distance between them

13. The science of study of external forms and structure is known as?
Answer :- Morphology

14. The fear of bees?
Answer :- Apiphobia

15. Biologically inhabited part of the earth is known as ?
Answer :- Biosphere

16. Who is considered as the father of Taxonomy?
Answer :- Carolus Linnaeus

17. The biome type where the annual rainfall is 200 - 350 is known as ?
Answer :- Tropical rain forest

18. In old age, people have wear spectacles for reading and writing because?
Answer :- They lose the power of accommodation

19. The type of mirror used in the headlamps of cars is the?
Answer :- Prabolic concave mirror
20. The pH value of 12 is of an aqueous solution of ?
Answer :- Sodium hydroxide

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