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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 196

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1. An instrument which indicates altitude of a place along with corresponding pressure?
Answer :- Altimeter

2. White light consists of seven colours out of them which has the highest energy?
Answer :- Violet

3. Which has the odour characteristic of pineapple?
Answer :- Methyl butyrate

4. Tannin is obtained from the wood of?
Answer:- Chestnut

5. In the periodic table of elements, the noble gases are arranged in the ?
Answer:- 18th group

Do you Know?? :- Which foreigner were behind the Synod of Diamper ?

6. Blue colour is imparted to glass using?
Answer:- Cobalt oxide

7. The main fuel for the body to produce energy is?
Answer :- Fat

8. DNA model is put forward by?
Answer:- Watson and Crick

9. Ozone quantity is measured by the unit of?

Answer:- Dobson

10. Papiloma is the virus that cause?
Answer:- Wart disease

Do you Know ?? :- The Father of English Poetry?

11. 'Indira Gandhi' is the name of a variety of?
Answer:- Hibiscus

12. Selenium deficiency leads to?
Answer:- Liver necrosis

13. Telivision signals cannot be received ordinarily beyond a particular distance due to?
Answer :- Curvature of Earth

14. Small pox is caused by ?
Answer :- Variola virus

15. Silicon carbide is used for?
Answer :- Cutting very hard substance

Do you Know?? :- What is the average gestation period of sheep ?

16. Microtia is a disease associated with ?
Answer :- Hearing ability

17. The oxidising agent used in fire works is?
Answer :- Pottassium nitrate

18. The world ecosystem was first coined by?
Answer :- A.G.Tansley

19. Annual (growth) rings are formed by the activity of?
Answer :- Carbium

20. In onion, the edible swollen portion is?
Answer :- Leaf Bases

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