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Friday, 22 August 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 195

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1. The first fast breedeer nuclear reactor of India is KAMINI, which is located at?

Answer :- Kalpakkom

2. Which bond is available in the three states of matter?
Answer :- Covalent bond

3. The phenomenon of sudden appearance of heritrable changes is called?
Answer :- Mutation

4. Rankjet disease affect?
Answer :- Cow

5. An artificial satellite can be tracked very precisely from the earth by using?
Answer :- Doppler effect

6. The manufacture of iron from iron ore involves the process of?
Answer :- Reducation

7. The pH of an aquerous solution of acetic acid is 2. It would increase on the addition of?
Answer :- Aqueous ammonia

8. Haploid chromosome number is not seen in?
Answer:- Primary spermatocytes

9. Roughage, a necessary constituent of diet, consists largely of indigestible?
Answer:- Carbohydrates such as cellulose and lignin

10. CP - 20 - 961 is a ?

Answer:- Malaria vaccine

11. We can compare the function of a star with which bomb?
Answer:- Hydrogen Bomb

12. Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the earth are called?
Answer:- Meteors

13. The smallest cell in the human body?
Answer:- Sperm

14. Largest tree in the world?
Answer:- General Sherman (Sequoa group)

15. Which plant has maximum number of chromosomes?
Answer:- Ophioglossum

16. The state which is known as the store house of cereals?
Answer:- Andhra Pradesh

17. The spice which is known as white gold?
Answer:- Cashew nut

18. 'Hevea Brasiliensis' is the scientific name of which tree?
Answer:- Rubber

19. 'Wolfram' is another name of?
Answer:- Tungston

20. Which chemical is used as a substitute from sugar?
Answer:- Saccharin


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