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POLICE SUB INSPECTOR Answer Key (02-08-2014) Updated

EXAMINATION DATE :- 02-08-2014
EXAMINATION TIME :- 1.30 Pm to 3.30 Pm

1. Which are essential constituents of all atoms?

A] Electrons
B] Protons
C]  Neutrons
D] Positrons
2. The distance of stars from earth is expressed generally interms of?
A] meter
B] kilometer
C] astronomical unit
D] light year
3.  High boiling point of water is due to?
A] Weak dissociating of water molecules
B] High dissociation of water molecules
C] Hydrogen bonding amoungst water molecules
D] Vander waals forces of attraction amoungst the molecule
4. In a electrochemical cell, there is the conversion of?
A] Electric energy into Chemical energy
B] Chemical energy into Electrical energy
C] Chemical energy into heat energy
D] Mechanical energy into heat energy
5. Wood charcoal is used in the gas masks because
A] it is poisonous
B] it liqufies gas
C] it is porous
D]  it absorbs gases
6.The disease caused by a protozoan?
B] Malaria
C] Chiken guniya
D] Typhoid
7.  A protein solution on warming with concentrated nitric acid may turn yellow called?
A] Xanthoproteic test
B] Biuret test
C] Millions test
D]Hopkins cole test
8. The same group elements are characterised by?
A] Ionization potential
B] Electronegativity
C] Ionization energy
D] No of electrons in the outermost shell
9. Acetyl saiocyclic acid is known as?
A] Oil of wintergreen
B] Salol
C] Aspirin
D]Picric acid
10. The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to saponify one gram of fat or oil? 
A] Esterification
B] Saponification
C] Hydrogenation
D]Cleansing action
11. Treaty signed in 1963 which banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in space, but not underground?
12. What is the full form of POTA?
A] Protection Of Trade Association
B] Prevention Of Temporal Allotment
C] Prevention of Terrorism Act
D] Permanent Association Of Traders
13. Name the country which launched its first pilot carbon trading scheme?
A] Japan
B] Korea
C] Singapore
D] China
14. Supreme court granted the right to negative voating on?
A] 27th September 2013
B] 27th October 2013
C] 27th August 2013
D] 27th November 2013
15. Capital of Costa Rica?
A] Kinshasa
B] Nicosia
C] Zagreb
D] San Jose
16. Who amoung the following was decorated with bravery award by World Peace and Prosperity Foundation?

A] Barack Obama
B] Malala Yousafzai
C] Ban Ki-moon
D] Pope Francis I
17.Which country is joined as the 28th member state of European Union on 1st July 2013?
A] Croatia
B] Cyprus
C] Romania
D] Honduras
18. Name the country which win the ICC Women's World Cup?
A] France
B] Italy
C] Australia
D] Germany
19. The India independence bill was passed by the British Parliament on?
A] 1st August 1947
B] 1st May 1947
C] 1st June 1947
D] 1st July 1947
20. The precentage of persons below poverty line in India?
A] 22%
B] 21%
C] 23%
D] 24%
21. 'Kasi' the holy place was situated on the banks of the river?
A] Yamuna
B] Ganges
C] Brahmaputra
D] Indus
22.Name the mountain pass which provide access from Wayanad in Kerala to Mysore in Karnataka?
A]  Thamarasseri Pass
B]  Palghat pass
C]  Perambadi pass
D]  Bodinayakkannur pass
23. 'Konark' the famous sun temple is situated in which state?
A] Maharashtra
B] Rajasthan
C] Madhya Pradesh 
D] Odisha
24. The first National park in India was?
A] Bandipur
B]  Kasiranga
C]  Jimcorbet
D] Periyar  
25. The first Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?

A] Gulzarilal Nanda
B]  Asok Mehta
C]  C.M.Trivedi
D] P.Sivasankar
26. Who was the Governor General of India during the time of Revolt of 1857?
A] Lord Dalhousie
B]  Lord Mayo
C]  Lord Harding
D] Lord Canning
27. Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement?
A] Ali Brothers
B]  Gulam Nabi Azad
C]  Sir Syed Ahammed Khan
D] Moulavi Ahammadulla
28. The newspaper published by Mrs. Annie Besant?
A] Maharatta
B]  Common Weal
C]  Bangabas
D] Kesari
29. The leader of Salt Satyagraha in Kerala was?
A] K.Kelappan
B] Ramakrishna Pillai
C] T.K.Madhavan
D] Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi
30. The Lahore session of the congress was held in the year?
A] 1928
B] 1930
C] 1929
D] 1931
31. Bharata Puzha originates from the?
A] Anamala
B] Azhimala
C] Ponnmudi
D] Agastyamuzhi
32. Ezhimala situated to north of?
A] Kollam
B] Calicut
C] Kannur
D] Kasargod
33.The Kerala-Tamilnadu relations developed through the?
A]  Tamarassery passes
B]  Palakkadan Pass
C]  Cherampady passes
D] Periya passes
34. The author of Adi Bhasha?
A] Sivayogi
B] Chattampi Swami
C] Ayyankali 
D] Karuppan
35. The first of the temples consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru?
A] Sivagiri
B] Aruvippuram 
C] Aluva
D] Varkala
36. In which year was Satu Jana Paripalana Sangam found?
A] 1806
B] 1906
C] 1907
37. Who was the founder of Atmavidyasangam?
A] Chattampi Swami
B] Vagbhatananda
C] Dr.Palpu
D] Sivayogi
38. Who was the founder of the periodical Swadeshabhimani?
A] Vakkam Moulavi
B] Ramakrishnapillai
C] Dr.Palpu
D] Kumaranasan 
39. Which is the organization founded by Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi?
A] Ananda Mahasabha
B] Vidyaposhini
C] Atmavidyasangam
D] S.N.D.P
40. Mention the drama written by V.T.Bhattathiripad? NO ANSWER currect answer is Adukkalayil ninnum Arangathekku
A]  Kannerum Kinavum
B]  Pattabakki
C]  Saraswati Vijayam
D] Kalahinidamanakam
41.Which Article of Indian Constitution is related to Right to Education?
A] Article 51A
B] Article 45
C] Article 21A
D] Article 19
42. Who was the President of the Indian Constituent Assembly?
A] Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
B] Jawaharlal Nehru
C] K.M.Munshi
D] Dr.Rajendra Prasad
43.The member of Rajya Sabha are elected by the?
A] People Directly
B] Members of State Legislative Assemblies
C] Members of Local Bodies
D]Members of State Legislative Councils
44. The system of 'Ombudsman was first introduced in?
A] Sweden
B] India
45. The National Commission for Women in India was formed in the year?
A] 1975
B] 1980
C] 1985
D] 1992
46. Who appoint the Chairman of the State Public Service Commission?
A] President
B] Prime Minister
C] Chief Minister
D] Governor
47.Which of the following types of rights have been described as First Generation Rights?
A] Social and Economic Rights
B] Civil and Political Rights
C] Natural Rights
D] Cultural Rights
48. Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with Directive Principles of State Policy?
A] Part I
B] Part III
C] Part IV
D] Part VI
49. Who was the first chairman of the NHRC?
A] Justice K.G.Balakrishnan
B] Justice V.S.Malimath
C] Justice Ranganath Misra
D] Justice A.S.Anand
50.The Right to Information Act was passed in India in the Year?
A] 2005
B] 2002
C] 2008
D] 2010
51.Choose the correct option for the following : A "Dark Horse" is :
A] An evil character
B] A dark coloured horse
C] A person whose abilities are hidden or unknown
D] A horse likely to win a race
52.Fill in the space using the correct preposition?
A] at
B] in
C] on
D] from
53. Convert the sentece into indirect speech : "You may leave the room", said the principal.
A] The principal said I might leave the room
B] The principal said I may leave the room
C] The principal says I might leave the room
D] The principal said I could leave the room
54.Correct the sentence : I would pay up if I was you.
A] I would pay up if I were you.
B] I would pay up if I am you.
C] I would paid up if were you.
D]I would pay up if I are you.
55.Fill in the space using the correct article : This is _______ book I was searching for.
A] a
B] an
C] the
D] none
56. Fill in the space using the correct form of the adjective : He is the _____ person I have ever met.
A] smart
B] smarter
C] smartest
D] none
57. Convert into passive voice : They are rebuilding the school.
A] The school is rebuilt.
B] The school is being rebuilt.
C] The school was rebuilt.
D] The school was being rebuilt.
58. Choose the correct option : The police _____ questioning the suspects.
A] is
B] are
C] has
D] have
59. The antonym of "acquit" is.
A] convict
B] evict
C] depict
D] debit
60. A wide road with trees on either side is called.
A] street
B] alley
C] lane
D] avenue
61. The limit of micro-credit to a benificiary under the Mahila Samridhi Yojana Scheme is?
A] ₹ 10,000
B] ₹ 15,000
C] ₹ 20,000
D] ₹ 25,000
62. Allotment of an Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) house.
A] Shall be jointly in the name of housband and wife except in the case of a widow/unmarried/separated person.
B] May be solely in the name of the women.
C] Both (A) and (B).
D] None of the above
63. Services under the ICDS Programme are rendered through :
A] Anganwadi Centers
B] Primary Health Centers
C] Police Stations
D]None of the above
64. Which of the following schemes has as its objective the integreted development of selected SC majority villages.
A] Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana (VAMBAY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY)
D] Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY)
65.The Chairman of the Governing Body of Kudumbashree Mission is?
A] Minister for LGS
B] Principal Secretary , LSGD
C] Director of Panchayats
D] Commissioner for Rural Development
66.  Which of the following is a Scheme for providing self-emploument to educated unemployed youth?
A] Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana (PMRY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] National Food for Work Programme (NFWP)
D] Samagra Awaas Yojana (SAY)
67. An IAY (Indira Awass Yojana) house shall not be alienated for a period of?
A] 10 years
B] 15 years
C] 20 years
D] 25 years
68. Who amoung the following is entitled as of right to an 'Antyodaya card'?
A] A person belonging to BPL social category
B] A person belonging to a primitive tribe
C] A person above the age of 65 years
D] All of the above
69. The Nodal Officer at the district level for the implementation of the National Food for Work Programme is?
A] The District Judge
B] The President, District Panchayat
C] The Anganwadi Supervisor
D] The District Collector
70. Which of the following Scheme aims to provide food security for all through Public Distribution System?
A] Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] Balika Samriddhi Yojana (BSY)
D] Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana (VAMBAY)
71. Which computer language is used for Artificial Intelligence amoung the following?
B] C
72. Who invented the high level programming language C?
A] Dennis M.Ritchie
B] Robert E.Kahn
C] Donald Ritchie
D] James Gosling
73. Expansion of UNIVAC is?
A] Universal Vacuum Computer
B] Universal Automatic Computer
C] Universal Integrated Vacuum Computer
D] United Vacuum Computer 
74. Binary number of the decimal number 15 is?
A] 1010
B] 1111
C] 1101
D] 1001

75. 1's complement of the 1011.
A] 1100
B] 0011
C] 0100
D] 0110  
76. In a client/server computer network, the user's computer is usually called:
A] Client
B] Network
C] Server
D] Website 
77. The extension of .com, .edu, .org, .net etc.. are usually called?
A] Network
B] IP address
C] Domain name
D] Website
78.  FTP stands for :
A] First Transfer Protocol
B] File Text Protocol
C] File Transport Protocol
D] File Transfer Protocol
79.  Which of the following is a cyber crime?
A] Hacking
B] Trojan
C] Email spoofing
D] None of the above 
Under Cyber Law both answer is correct :- Click Here for More Information
80. What is a firewall protection?
A] Spam messages
B] Most of the viruses
C] Security
D] Malicious worms 
81.Jafer can complete a work in 6 day. Shyam can complete the same work in 3 days. In how many days Jafer and Shyam together can complete the work?
A] 1
B] 2
C] 4
D] 5
82. A train of length 100 m runs at a speed of 120 km/hr from north to south. Another train of length 150 m travels with a speed of 80 km from South to North. What is the time required to cross each other?
A] 3.6 sec
B] 4 sec
C] 4.5 sec
D] 5.2 sec
83. A metallic right circular cone of volume 36 pie is melt into a sphere. What is the surface area of that sphere?
A] 40 root 3 pie
B] 30 pie
C] 46 pie
D] 36 pie
84. 4 years ago Ramu's age is the square root of his father's age. Now the age of Ramu and his father are in the ratio 1:4. Then what is Ramu's age?
A] 8
B] 10
C] 12
D] 40
85. What is the smallest number divisible by 8,9 and 12.
A] 72
B] 48
C] 36
D] 24 
86. Which of the following is divisible by both 6 and 15?
A] 1215
B] 1720
C] 2160
D] 3260
87. HCF of 24, 48 and 60 is?
A] 6
B] 8
C] 12
D] 24

88.If the surface area and volume of sphere are in the ratio 1:2, what is the radius of the sphere?
A] 2
B] 3
C] 5
D] 6  
89. A merchant sells two dolls of price respectively ₹ 100 and  ₹ 150 with a profit of 30% on first and a loss of 30% on second. What is his net profit/loss?
A] 6% loss
B] 6% gain
C] 15% loss
D] 15% gain
90. 1st January 2013 is Tuesday. How many Tuesday are there in 2013?
A] 51
B] 52
C] 53
D] 54 
91. Starting from a place P, a man travels 4 km towards North then turns towards right and travels 5 km. After that he turns towards right and travels 8 km. What is his current position with respect to P? NO ANSWER
A] 4 km towards East
B] 6 km towards South West
C] 4 km towards North East
D] 6 km towards South East
92. Find the next term in the sequence : 4, 9, 25, 49, ____
A] 81
B] 121
C] 138
D] 1024
93. Find the odd one out:
A] 8425
B] 6325
C] 7225
D] 9225
94. Find the next term in the sequence : B, C, E, G, K_____
A] L
B] M
C] N
D] O
95. In certain coding APPLE is coded as 512161601. Then MANGO is coded as:
A] 1507140113
B] 1301140715
C] 15714113
D] 1570141013
96. (root 8 + root 2)all square =
A] 18
B] 16
C] 18 root 2
D] 16 root 2 
97. If 14th April 2013 is Sunday, 20th September 2013 is?
A] Sunday
B] Tuesday
C] Wednesday
D] Friday 
98. Man is related to Brain. In similar way computer is related to?
A] Monitor
D] CPU  
99. Kavya is elder than Veena, Anu is younger than Kuttan and Veena is elder than Kuttan. Who is eldest?
A] Anu
B] Kuttan
C] Kavya
D] Veena  
100. If we arrange the number 1,2,6,3,5,2,4,9 in ascending order, how many numbers keeps the same position? 

A] 1
B] 2
C] 3
D] 4

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30 Comments for "POLICE SUB INSPECTOR Answer Key (02-08-2014) Updated"

Sir when this PSC answer key will be uploded?


FTP is File Transfer Protocol...

Email spoofing and Hacking both are cyber crimes Under Information Technology (Amendment)Act, 2008

Thanks Anonymous Person...

Treaty signed in 1963 is PTBT ....not CTBT....

Nearest answer for Q. No. 91 is "6km towards South-East"

i hope bodynaykannur connects munnar and theni...qstn 22

Qn 10 - Answer is 'Saponification Number' . Among options, saponification is near to it.

Q11. PTBT is the right answer , not CTBT. CTBT bans nuclear tests in all environments.

Qn.14 : Option A - 27 Sep 2013 is the right Answer

Qn 1 is wrong. Bcz both electrons and protons are essential parts of an atom.

Hurray.. 40 Marks Without Syudiying Anything... Next time, I will get it. It was my first time in PSC. Don't get enough time. Answered only 60 by leaving many known.... Wasted time on managing Mathematics.. Thanks for this posts.....

Hacking is not a crime. It means coding. The tearm cracking is the crime. Its a false info said by our teachers....
This is said my richard Mathew stallman...

what is the expected cut off??

Q 62 The Answer Option is C.Both are eligible...Just follow the guide lines "4.8 Allotment of houses" of

what was the cutoff previous year ?

Aiswarya Thaliyil

Thank you for the answers.. sir, but are you confirm with question number 11. I Think the answer is PTBT, (banned nuclear test, but not underground)

cut off is 55- 60...not more.

There is no answer given for Q.No. 22........Thamarassery pass connects malabar region of kerala with mysore via wayanad....but in Quest. it is asked abut the mountain pass between Wayanad and Mysore...since Thamarassery pass lies between Calicut and Wayanad...there is no answer given for this...

For Q. No. 94 the answer is "O" not "M" term of the series B,C,E,G,K,_............
B,C_E_ G_ _ _K_ _ _O



previous year cut off 49 ,expect more than vacancies then previous so this time 45 - 50

Trojan is a malicious program that can lead to data theft usually which is a cyber crime. i think Q72 is vague and the 4th option should be all the above.

Hacking is definitely a crime (Expect ethical hacking). But email spoofing will be a crime only after any cheating happens... All the spam messages in your mail are email spoofing & u can't file a complaint against that...

Depends upon your performance in Physical.(Final List) and they Cancel that question.

q no 89 its 6% loss

94 is M its prime numbers.....

q no 94 answer is O.not M.just type the whole content in google B C E G K.....,it will direct you to websites for logical reasoning,there you can find the answer

Provisional Key is published by PSC, But it contains a lot mistakes..

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