PSC Examination Expected Questions - 182

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1. Who founded Samatva Samajam ?
Answer :- Vaikunda Swamikal

2. Who is known as 'Lok Hitwadi'?

Answer :- Gopal Hari Deshmukh

3. The Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Judicial Reiew from?
Answer :- USA

4. The foreigner who become the President of INC twise?
Answer :- William Wedderburn

5. How many times the preamble of Indian Constitution has been amended so far?
Answer :- One (As on 2014)

6. India's first Indigenously developed ship to ship missile?
Answer :- Dhanush

7. Who can participate in the proceedings of parliament without being a member of Parliament?
Answer :- The Attonery General

8. First Women Air Marshal of Indian Airforce?
Answer :- Padmavathi Bandhopadhyay

9. Which Constitutional Amendemend is related to anti defection provision?
Answer :- 52nd Amendement of 1985

10. Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha is the motto of?
Answer :- National Security Guards

11. First wild life sanctuary of Kerala?
Answer :- Periyar

12. Sanskriti Express started to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of?
Answer :- Rabindranath Tagore

13. Carpal Tunnel is located in?
Answer :- Our wrist (Palm)

14. First Post Office outside the country was set up by India at Dakshina Gangotri in Antartica, which in under which Postal Division?
Answer :- Goa

15. .... is the condition of gravitational balance between the crustal segments at different thickness?

Answer :- Isostasy

16. Atmosphere layer where Ozone is present?
Answer :- Stratosphere

17. Hot, Dry and sandy local wind, blowing from the south, in North Africa and the Arabian Penisula especially in Egypt?
Answer :- Khamsin

18. Fisr person to recognize the normal number of human chromosomes?
Answer :- Joe Hin Tijo

19. The period of revolution of Mars?

Answer :- 686.98 Earth days

20. Alloy used for the construction of aircraft?
Answer :- Duralumin

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