PSC Examination Expected Questions - 181

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1. Members of legislature who fail to get re-elected but continue to function as legislators until the new legislature meets?
Answer :- Lame Duck

2. Cargo thrown away into the sea or lighten the ship in times of danger is known as ?
Answer :- Jettisoning

3. Father of Scientific Socilism?
Answer :- Karal Marx

4. Who won the Pulistzer Prize 2014 in poetry from his work '3 sections'?
Answer :- Vijay Seshadri

5. Study of Fruit?
Answer :- Pomology

6. Malaprabha Dam is situated at?
Answer :- Karnataka

7. Which instrument is used for measuring blood pressure in blood vessels?
Answer :- Kymograph

8. Charles.H.Towns is credited with the discovery of?
Answer :- MASER

9. Who wrote the book 'Super Star India: From Inceridible to Unstoppable'?
Answer :- Shobhaa De

10. The first person to get the Vayalar Award?
Answer :- Lalithambika Antharjanam

11. Rafael Correa is now the President of ?
Answer :- Ecuadore (Aas on July 2014)

12. Slavery was abolished in Travancore by?
Answer :- Rani Gouri Lakshmi Bhai (1812)

13. Undeer the RTI Act the time for disposal of request for information in cases concerning life and liberty is?
Answer :- 48 hours

14. India's first women police station started functioning at Kozhikkode in?
Answer :- 27th October 1973

15. Which country is the top gold producing country in the world?
Answer :- China (As on July 2014)

16. Kerala was brought under the President rule for the last time in?
Answer :- 1982 (As on 2014)

17. The first Hat-trick in 2014 Brazil World Cup was scored by?
Answer :- Thomas Muller (Germany)

18. The water cannon unit of Kerala Police?
Answer :- Varun

19. 'Gelops' is the unit of speed used for?
Answer :- Super Computer

20. Who led the revolution of 1857 at Lucknow?
Answer :- Begum Hazrat Mahal                  

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