PSC Examination Expected Questions - 180

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1. Who discovered Potassium and Sodium?
Answer :- Sir Humphry Davy

2. Which was the period of the Maurya Empire?
Answer :- 321 - 185 BC

3. In which year the NABARD established?
Answer :- 1982 
4. 'Kanaleriyum Kaalam' is the autobiography of?
Answer :-Koothattukulam Mary
5. Which is the recipient of 49th Janapith Award (2013)?
Answer :- Kedarnath Singh (Hindi, Akaal Mein Saras)
6. The Current Deputy Secratary General of UN?
Answer :- Jan Eliasson (Sweeden) - As on July 2014
7. Which lenses are used to correct Astigmatism?
Answer :- Cylindrical lenses
8. Kala-azar is caused by?
Answer :- Protozoa
9. If milk is exposed to sunlight for a long period which Vitamin will be lost?
Answer :- Vitamin B2
10. United Nations University is in?
Answer :- Tokyo
11. India's first Satellite communication centre is located at?
Answer :- Arvi (Maharashtra)
12. Expand PERT?
Answer :- Project Evaluvation and Review Technique
13. First women to become the speaker of a State assembly in India?
Answer :- Shanno Devi
14. Paratroopers Training School is located at?
Answer :- Answer :-Agra
15. K.M.Munshi (Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi a famous writter from which language?
Answer :-  Gujarati
16.The SI unit of Magnetic field strength or Magnetic flux dencity?
Answer :- Tesla
17. Who created the character 'Mrs. Malaprop'?
Answer :- Richard.B.Sheridan
18. Carpentier Heart is successfully implanted for the first time at which hospital?
Answer :- Georges Pompidou Hospital, Paris
19. A Market where goods and services are available in plenty and prices are relatively low?
Answer :- Bayer's Market
20. Erwin Rommel is known by the nick name?
Answer :- Desert Fox    

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