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Saturday, 19 July 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 179

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1. Which comet appears once in 76 years ?
Answer :- Halley's Comet

2. Which planet of the Solar System spins on its axis at the fastest rate?
Answer :- Jupiter

3. Who was the only leader to become the Chief Minister in Travancore, Thiru-Kochi and Kerala?
Answer :- Pattom Thanupillai

4. In which part of Indian Constitution is the Fundamental Rights enshrined?
Answer :- Part III

5. Who is the first female laureate of the J.C.Daniel Prize?
Answer :- Aranmula Ponnamma

6. Which is India's third research station at Antartica?
Answer :- Bharathy

7. Who was the first Indian to score a century in the Test Cricket?
Answer :- Lala Amarnath

8. Which is India's Anti-tank missile?
Answer :- Nag

9. Who founded the Missionaries of Charity?
Answer :- Mother Teresa

10. Who was the Centarl Finance Minister to present maximum number of Budgets?
Answer :- Morarji Desai (As on July 2014)

11. In which state is the famous Nokrek Biosphere Reserve?
Answer :- Meghalaya

12. Who is known as 'The Missile Man of India'?
Answer :- Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

13. Which disease is also known as 'Black Water Fever'?
Answer :- Malaria

14. Who was the first Indian Women to win Asiad gold medal in Individual Item?
Answer :- Kamaljith Sandhu

15. Who was the founder of YMCA?
Answer :- George Williams

16. Who is known as "Kerala Ibsen'?
Answer :- N.Krishnapillai

17. Who was the Roman goddess of beauty?
Answer :- Venus

18. Who founded Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham?
Answer :- Ayyankali

19. Torah is the sacred text of?
Answer :- Jews

20. Which is the heaviest element?
Answer :- Osmium 

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