PSC Examination Expected Questions - 178

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1. Which is the fastest insect ?
Answer :- Dragonfly

2. Which country is the leading honey producer in the world?
Answer :- China (As on July 2014)

3. Which country has most number of pets?
Answer :- USA

4. Tsiology is the study of?
Answer :- Tea

5. Who was the first Finance Minister of Independent India?
Answer :- R.K.Shanmukham Chetty

6. Ananus Comosus is the scientific name of ?
Answer :- Pineapple

7. Which day is observed as the state sports day in Kerala?
Answer :- October 13

8. Which is the leading rice producing district of Kerala?
Answer :- Palakkad

9. How many Parvas are there in the Mahabharatha?
Answer :- 18

10. Where is the Travancore Rayons situated?
Answer :- Perumbavoor

11. In which year the Cabinet Mission visited India?
Answer :- 1946

12. Which was the last formed district of Kerala?
Answer :- Kasargod (As on 2014)

13. 'Olivile Ormmakal' is the autobiography of ?
Answer :- Thoppil Bhasi

14. What is the name of the identifying number given to the tax payers by the Incom Tax Department?
Answer :- PAN Number

15. Which vitamin is also known as Vitamin H?
Answer :- Biotin

16. Which places are connected by the National Waterway Number 3?
Answer :- Kottappuram - Kollam

17. Where is the headquarters of the International Labour Organisation?
Answer :- Geneva

18. Annual Finance Statement of the Central / State Government is also known as?
Answer :- Budget

19. Who is the only indian Presidnet to be elected unopposed?
Answer :- Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy (As on 2014)

20. When days and nights are equal in both the hemispheres of the Earth, it is called?
Answer :- Equinox    

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