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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 177

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1. What is the average gestation period of sheep ?
Answer :- 150 days

2. Who was the firstBritish Viceroy to vist Travancore?
Answer :- Lord Curzon

3. Who was the architect of Cochin Sea Port?
Answer :- Robert Bristow
4. Which acid is presented in Vinegar?
Answer :- Acetic Acid

5. Who was the first Home Minister of Independent India?
Answer :- Sardar Vallabhai Patel

6. Which is the classical dance form from Assam?
Answer :- Satriya

7. India Independent Act came into being on?
Answer :- 18th July 1947

8. Who was the presidnet of India to declare National Emergency on 26th June 1975?
Answer :- Fakrudin Ali Ahmed

9. The Roman letter 'L' stands for the number?
Answer :- 50

10. The height of which animal is measured in 'hands'?
Answer :- Horse

11. The 'China Anniversary' is celebrated during .... years?
Answer :- 20th

12. Santha Maria was the historical ship of?
Answer :- Christopher Columbus

13. In which year was Charles Darwin's "The Orgin of Species" published?
Answer :- 1859

14. Who was the first European to vist China?
Answer :- Marco Polo

15. Which is the most prescious metal?
Answer :- Rhodium

16. Which is the alloy of copper and tin?
Answer :- Bronze

17. Juod was orginated in which country?
Answer :- Japan

18. Which is the leading coffee producer in the world?
Answer :- Brazil (As on July 2014)

19. Which is the largest primate?
Answer :- Gorilla

20. What is Hibernation?
Answer :- Winter sleep of animals            

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