Saturday, 12 July 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 175

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1. Which is the guardian of Indian Constitution and the protector of People's Fundamental Rights ?
Answer :- Supre Court of India

2. Who decided dispute regarding the election of President and Vice President?
Answer :- Supre Court of India

3. How many judges are there in the Supre Court of India?
Answer :-1 Chief Justice and 29 other Judges (As on 11/07/2014)

4. Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court of India?
Answer :-The President of India

5. Which Article of Indian Constitution describes the qualification of Judges of the Supre Court of India?
Answer :-Article 124(3)

6. Who was the first acting president of India?
Answer :-V.V.Giri (From 3rd May 1969 to 20th July 1969)

7. Who was the first Comptroller and Auditor General of India?
Answer :-V.Narahari Rao

8. Which is the official residence of the Election Commission of India?
Answer :-Nirvachan Sadan (New Delhi)

9. Who is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
Answer :-Vice President

10. Who is the 13th President of India?
Answer :-Pranab Mukherjee

11. Who is the 13th Prime Minister of India?
Answer :-Dr.Manmohan Singh

12. Who inagurated the Parliament House of India?
Answer :-Lord Irwin (18th January 1927)

13. Who was the first Election Commissioner of India?
Answer :-Sukumar Sen

14. In which year the state reorganization bill was passed by the Parliament?
Answer :-1956

15. "Freedom of the press" is guaranteed under which Article?
Answer :-  Article 19(1)

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