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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 170

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1. Sea Land was the old name of ?
Answer :- Denmark

2. The largest Parliament in the world is?
Answer :- National People Congress (China)

3. Diet is the Parliament of?
Answer :- Japan

4. Which country has the oldest national flag?
Answer :- Denmark

5. The Chairman of ISRO is?
Answer :- K.Radhakrishnan

6. Where is the headquarters of the ISRO?
Answer :- Banglore

7. The commercial wing of the ISRO is?
Answer :- Antrix Corporation Limited

8. Which Indian bank has largest number of branches?
Answer :- State Bank of India

9. National Day for the Girl Child is observed on?
Answer :- January 24

10. Which Committee inquired about the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008?
Answer :- Ram Pradhan Committee

11. Who is the author of 'My Music, My Life'?
Answer :- Pandit Ravi Shankar

12. National Investigation Agency came into being on ?
Answer :- 1st January 2009

13. Who was the project director of Agni-5 Missile project?
Answer :- Tessy Thomas

14. Which city is known as the 'Industrial Capital of India'?
Answer :- Mumbai

15. Who was the author of Rajatarangini?
Answer :- Kalhana

16. The number of Classical Language of India is?
Answer :- 7 

  • Tamil (in 2004)
  • Sanskrit (in 2005)
  • Telugu (in 2008)
  • Kannada (in 2008)
  • Malayalam (in 2013)
  • Oriya (in 2014)
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