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1. Crime is a
A] Public wrong
B] Private wrong
C] Public as well as private wrong
D] neither public nor private wrong
Answer :- A
  • In India the Indian Penal Code is the law of crime and which is a product of the British tradition and experiance. IPC was prepared by Lord Maculay and which came into force in 1861 during the viceroyalty of Lord Canning.

2. An act is a crime because
A] The public has declared it so
B] The Parliament has laid it down
C] The religious authorities have said so
D] None of this

Answer :- B

3. In criminal law, we have a
A] Plaintiff to sue the defendant
B] Prosecutor to sue the defendant
C] Procecutor to prosecute the defendant
D] Plaintiff to prosecute the defendant

Answer :-C

4. The result of successful prosecution is
A] The discharge of accused
B] Conviction of the accused
C] The acquittal of the accused
D] None of this

Answer :- B
  • In India the burden of proving the case against the accused is one the prosecution. The guilt of the accused has to be always established beyond reasonable doubt by the prosecution
5. Tor means
A] A wrong
B] A legal wrong
C] A legal civil wrong
D] None of these
Answer :-C
  • The term tort is derived from latin word 'tortum' which means 'to twist'. A tort is a civil wrong and is infringement of a legal right.

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