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FIFA World Cup Footbal

FIFA world cup seldom known as Fifa World cup/ Worldcup, is a worldwide football competition contesting senior mens team. The championship is conducted every four years since 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 ( because of world war ).  The current champions are spain, who won the title in 2010. Currently world cup includes 32 teams competing for the title. The games are played are on different stadiums located within the host nations. Qualification takes place over the preceding 3 years. FIFA World cup matches are widely viewed and the game of football is widely followed. In here we will list out the world cup winners for different years

Year                                Host Nation                                 Winner

1930                              Uruguay                                       Uruguay

1934                               Italy                                              Italy

1938                               France                                          Italy

1950                                Brazil                                           Uruguay

1954                               Switzerland                                   Germany

1958                              Sweden                                         Brazil
1962                                 Chile                                           Brazil

1966                              England                                         England

1970                               Mexico                                          Brazil

1974                             Germany                                         Germany

1978                              Argentina                                        Argentina

1982                               Spain                                              Italy

1986                              Mexico                                             Argentina

1990                               Italy                                                 Germany

1994                              America                                           Brazil
1998                              France                                             France

2002                            Japan, South Korea                    Brazil

2006                             Germany                                    Italy

2010                             South Africa                             Spain

2014                             Brazil Germany


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Competitive Examination Notes

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