Thursday, 26 June 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 163

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1. The raw materials needed to make plastics is obtained from ?
Answer :-Petroleum

2. The first purely synthetic fibre was?
Answer :-  Nylone

3. Which tree has the scientific name hevea brasiliensis?
Answer :- Rubber tree

4. The main solvent of rubber is?
Answer :- Turpentine

5. The element used for the vulcanization of rubber is?
Answer :- Sulphur

6. The nearest star to solar system is?
Answer :- Proxima Centauri

7. The smallest Planet is?
Answer :- Mercury

8. Which is the brightest Planet?
Answer :- Venus

9. Triton is the largest moon of?
Answer :- Neptune

10. The largest asteroid in the Solar System is?
Answer :- Ceres

11. The hardest natural substance is?
Answer :- Diamond

12. The main cause of the acid rain is the chemical?
Answer :- Sulphur dioxide

13. The global warming and the green house effect were first described by the scientist?
Answer :- Svante Arrhenius

14. The pH value of the gastric juices is around?
Answer :- 1 - 3

15. The heaviest element is?
Answer :- Osmium

16. Potassium and Sodium were discovered by?
Answer :- Sir Humphry Davy

17. The lighest metal is?
Answer :- Lithium

18. The most abundant chemical element in the Universe is?
Answer :- Hydrogen

19. Who gave the name 'Hydrogen'?
Answer :- Antoine Lavoisier

20. What is the atomic number of Oxygen?
Answer :- 8                 

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