Wednesday, 25 June 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 162

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1. Who is known as the second law officer in India ?
Answer :- Solicitor General of India

2. Who was the first Attornery General of India?
Answer :- M.C.Setalvad

3. The Comptroller and Auditor General submits the report to?
Answer :- The President of India

4. Who was the first Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Answer :- V.Narahari Rao

5. The allocation of revenues between the Union and State Governments is done by?
Answer :- Finance Commission of India

6. The chairman of the first Finance Commission was?
Answer :- K.C.Neogy

7. The Election Commission of India is established under which article of the Constitution?

Answer :- Article 324

8. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Answer :-Sukumar Sen

9. Who was the chairman of the 13th Finance Commission?
Answer :-Vijay Kelkar

10. The National Women's Commission was formed in the year?
Answer :-31st January 1992

11. Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of the Directive Principles from?
Answer :-Ireland

12. Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Answer :-  Justice Harilal.J.Kania

13. Who appoints the High Court Judges?
Answer :- President

14. Graphite and Diamond are ...... of Carbon?
Answer :- Allotropes

15. Who is known as the father of electricity?
Answer :- Michael Faraday
16. The blue litmus paper turned red by?
Answer :- Acids

17. The acid used in the car batteries is?
Answer :-  Aulphuric Acid

18. Which was india's first nuclear reactor?
Answer :- Apsara

19. Who is known as the 'Father of Telephone'?
Answer :- Alexander Graham Bell

20. Which was world's first satellite?
Answer :- Sputnic 1 of USSR (4th Octber 1957)  

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