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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 156

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1.Who was the Roman goddess of beauty?
Answer :- Venus

2. Torah is the sacred text of?
Answer :- Jews
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3. Where is the headquarters of SEBI?  
Answer :- Mumbai

4. New Delhi declared as the New National Capital Territory in the year?
Answer :- 1991
Do you Know :- Who is the New Prime Minister of France?
5. The oldest Mountain range in India is?
Answer :- The Aravallis

6. 'Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it' is the words of ?
Answer :- Bal Gangadhar Thilak

7. The Viceroy who ordered the partition of Bengal was?
Answer :- Lord Curzon
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8. Indian Military Academy is situated at?
Answer :- Dehra Dun

9.UNICEF was set up in the year?
Answer :- 1947

10. The berlin wall was demolished in the year?
Answer :- 1989

11. The Earth is divided into..... time zones?
Answer :- 24
Do you Know :- ആധുനിക ഫുട്ബാളിന്റെ ജന്മനാട്
12. Sahara Desert is situated in the continent?
Answer :- Africa

13. G.Shankara Kurup won the Jnanpith in the year?
Answer :- 1965
Do you Know :- മുത്തമിഴ് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്ന കൃതി ?
14. Which river is known as 'Yellow River'?
Answer :- Huang He

15. The clouds which are nearest to surface of the Earth is?
Answer :- Stratus     
Do you Know :- കേരള പരാമർശമുള്ള ശങ്കരാചാര്യ കൃതി
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