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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 154

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1. 'In God We Trust' is the official motto of ?
Answer :- USA
2. The National Anthem of which country is 'The Star Spangled Banner'?
Answer :- USA
3. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of India's Independent?
Answer :- Clement Atlee
4. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act on ?
Answer :- 18th July 1947
5. Which schedule of the Constitution deals with the Anti-defection provisions?
Answer :- Tenth Schedule
6. The first Finance Minister of Indepndent India?
Answer :- R.K.Shanmukham Chetty
Do you Know Who is the New Finacne Minister?
7. Which foreigner acted as the Congress President twice?
Answer :- William Wedderburn

8. Ornithology is the study of ?
Answer :- Birds
9. Who is the author of 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India'?
Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji
10. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in the year?
Answer :- 1949
11. The Battle of Plassey was fought in?
Answer :- 1757
12. All India Muslim League was formed in the year?
Answer :- 1906
13. Indian National Congress was founded in the year?
Answer :- 1885
14. 'March of the Volunteers' is the National Anthem of ?
Answer :- China      

15. The longest served Prime Minister of India is ?
Answer :- Jawaharlal Nehru 

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