Sunday, 4 May 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 152

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1. Who headed the Indian Law Commission ?
Answer :- Lord Macaulay

2. The term 'Modus Operandi' means?
Answer :- Method of operation

3. The criminal of exhorting money with threats of detrimental action, as such exposure of some misconduct on the part of the victim?
Answer :- Blackmail

4. The Criminology Institute under Home Ministry of India is at?
Answer :- New Delhi

5. The details regarding acquisition and termination of Indian Citizenship are enumerated in?
Answer :- Indian Citizenship Act 1955

6. The organisation which guards the International border of India?
Answer :- BSF

7. The person who makes and subscribes an affidavit?
Answer :- Affiant

8. The President has the power to suspend the enforcement of any or all the Fundamental Right during emergency as per Article?
Answer :- 359

9. Who founded Amnesty International?
Answer :- Peter Benenson

10. Which article is related to 'Freedom of Press'?
Answer :- Article 19(1)

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