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Monday, 5 May 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 153

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VEO Expected Questions
1.Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to 'Abolition of titles' ?
Answer :- 18

2. The type of writ petition describes as best assurance for human liberty?
Answer :- Habeus Corpus

3. Who introduced the Preventive Detention Bill in the Parliament?
Answer :- Sardar Patel

4. The Untouchability Offences Act was passed by the Parliament in ?
Answer :- 1955

5. Who was the first Chairman of National Human Right Commission?
Answer :- Justice Rangnath Mishra

6. Wilful disobedience of a judge's command or of an official court order?
Answer :- Contempt of court

7. Regulation enjoining withdrawal of persons from the streets or the closing of establishments or places of assembly at a stated hour?
Answer :- Curfew

8. The agency formed in India after the terrorist attack in Mumbai on 36th November 2008?
Answer :- NIA

9. The Word 'POLICE' was coined by?
Answer :- Robert Peel

10. Release of a accused on finding that he is not guilty under criminal law?
Answer :- Acquittal

11. RPF (Railway Protection Force) was formed in ?
Answer :- 1957

12. NSG (National Security Guards) which is also known as 'Black Cats' was formed in?
Answer :- 1984

13. One who applies to the court for legal regress?
Answer :- Plaintiff

14. Sasastra Seema Bal was formed in?
Answer :- 1963

15. Shin Bet is the International Security service of?
Answer :- Israel

16. A foreign-born person who has not qualified as a citizen of the country?
Answer :- Alien

17. Charles Sobharaj was born in?
Answer :- Vietnam

18. Formal written charge that a person has committed a criminal offense?
Answer :- Complaint

19. General pardon given to offenders?
Answer :- Amnesty

20. Person or businesses that cannot pay their debets?
Answer :- Bankrupt

21. The exponents of Indian Penal Code?
Answer :- Indian Law Commission

22. The external intelligence agency of India?
Answer :- RAW

23. Proclamation of emergency due to break down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within how many months?
Answer :- 2 Months

24. Child Marriage Restriction Act was passed in?
Answer :- 1929

25. In which Article of the Indian Constitution Fundamental Duties are mentioned?
Answer :- 51 A


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