Thursday, 3 April 2014

Staff Nurse Grade 2 Previous Question Paper - 4

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Examination Conducted on :- 21/05/2011
46. In presbyophia the individual needs to hold the reading material?
Answer :- at arms length

47. Which of the following clients is at risk for varicose veins?
Answer :- a client who has had trombo phlebitis

48. The pain associated with migraine head ache is caused by?
Answer :- dialation of the cranial arteries

49. The goal of nursing care for a client with acute myeloid-leukaemia is to prevent?
Answer :- haemorrhage

50. A client with pneumonia is experiencing pleurite chest pain, he describes?
Answer :- moderate pain the worsens on inspiration

51. Which of the following systems is not blocked by spinal anaesthesia?
Answer :- the parasympathetic system

52. Reproductive and child health programme (RCH) launched in 1997, is a continuation and modification of .... programme?
Answer :- CSSM

53. A wound with uneven edges is known as?
Answer :- lacerated

54. It is the reward of labour for its contribution to the production activity?
Answer :- wage

55. Smallest unit of culture is?
Answer :- trait

56. One of the best form of controlled thinking?
Answer :- reasoning

57. Nosocomial infection means?
Answer :- infection acquired from hospital

58. Government of India re-designed National Family Planning Programme as National Family Welfare programme in the year?
Answer :- 1977

59. Code of Ethics for nurses is?
Answer :- guide for professional behavior

60. The nucleus of health service in rural area is?
Answer :- Primary Health Center 

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