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Examination Conducted on :- 21/05/2011
1. Growth retardation can be identified by?
Answer :- Weight recording

2. The primary physical effect of alcohol in the body is to ?
Answer :- Depress the central nervous system

3. Which is the following is the hereditary material of cells?
Answer :- DNA in the chromosomes

4. BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative ) launched in the year?
Answer :- 1991

5. The commonest type of jaundice in the newborn?
Answer :- Physiological

6. The Ultimate objective of M.C.H care is?
Answer :- Life long health

7.The metal disorder known as 'Split personality'?
Answer :- Schizophrenia

8. The best time for IUD insertion is between?
Answer :- 3 - 7 days of the menstrual cycle

9. An operative procedure used to asses the interior anatomy of the uterus and tube include tubal patency?
Answer :- Hystero salphingo graphy

10. Anisometropia is a condition where there is :
Answer :- Variation in the refractive power of two eyes

11. Which one of the following is a function of liver?
Answer :- Synthesis of plasma proteins

12. A patient request that an I.V not be initiated in his hand, which site is the next choice?
Answer :- Forearm

13. The cells involved in the specific immune response are derived from?
Answer :- Bone marrow

14. Soap is valuable in cleaning the skin, because it is?
Answer :- lowers surface tension

15. How much sodium chloride must be added to one litre of water to make normal saline?
Answer :- 9gms

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