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Staff Nurse Grade 2 Exam
1. The most accurate diagnostic test for tuberculosis is:
a. Mantoux test  
b. Chest X ray
c. ESR estimation 
d. Sputum culture
Answer :- Sputum culture

2. ln which of the following conditions high ptotein diet is prescribed:
a. Burns 
b. Viral hepatitis
c. Uraemia 
d. Anaemia
Answer :- Burns 

3. A child after tonsillectomy is found to be frequently swallowing. You would suspect:

a. Thirst
b. Pain
c. Haemorrhage
d. Difficulty in breathing
Answer :- Haemorrhage

4. Which of the following hormone forms the basis for pregnancy test?
a. Progesterone 
b. O estrogen
c. HCG 
d. Prolactin
Answer :- HCG

5. An improvement in which of the following blond values indicates effective dialysis:
a. Low serum creatinine levels
b. Low hemoglobin
c. Hypocalcaemia
d. Hypokalaemia
Answer :- Low serum creatinine levels

6. Which of the following assessment dam indicates a complication of spinal anesthesia:
a. Hiccoughs
b. Numbness in legs
c. Headache
d. No urge to void
Answer :- Headache

7. A client has just arrived at the recovery room from surgeory: which of the following is the priority assessment:
a. Asses the need for oxygen
b. Cheek the gag reflex
c. Asses vital signs
d. Asses airway patency
Answer :- Asses airway patency

8. Stool with mucous and blood is seen in a patient with ?
a. Cholera 
b. Typhoid
c. Dysentery 
d. Malabsorption
Answer :- Dysentery

9 .A client is on steroid therapy should be advised to 
a. Increase sugar intake
b. Increase dose as needed
c. Not to discontinue medication abruptly
d. Increase the food consumption to keep weight
Answer :- Not to discontinue medication abruptly

10. Which of the following is the system of storing and transporting vaccine from the point of manufacture to the point of use
a. Deep freezer
b. Cold chain
c. Ice lined refrigerator
d. Cold box
Answer :- Cold chain

11. Acromegaly is caused by an over secretion of
a. Growth hormone
b. Testosterone
c. Thyroid hormone
d. O estrogen
Answer :- Growth hormone

12. The primary reason for using a subclavian line for total parenteral nutrition is:
a. lt prevents the development of phiebitis
b. Less chance of infiltration of infusion
c. it is more convenient so clients can use their hands
d. The large amount of blood helps to dilute the concentrated solution
Answer :- The large amount of blood helps to dilute the concentrated solution

13. The sign that indicates a possible thrombus formation is:
a. Keining'‘s sign
b. Hegar's sign
c. Homan's sign
d. Brudzinski's sign
Answer :- Homan's sign

14. While performing cardiac compression on an adult client it is
essential to exert vertical downward pressure. which depresses the
lower sternum at lest by,
a. 1.3 to 2 cm
b. 2 to 2.5 cm
c. 2.5 to 4 cm
d. 4 to 5 cm
Answer :- 4 to 5 cm

15. In children with cardiac anomalies the most common finding is:
a. Mental retardation
b. Delayed physical growth
c. Cyanosis and clubbing of finger tips
d. A family history ofcarizliao anomalies
Answer :- Delayed physical growth

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