Indian History :- Chronology of Events -01

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7000 BC
  • Mehrgarh culture ( period 1 )begins, which was one of world's earliest Neolithic culture.

5500 BC
  • Period 2nd of Mehrgarh begins.

4800 BC
  • Period 3 of Mehrgarh begins.

3500 BC
  • Period 4th of Mehrgarh begins.

3300 BC
  • Period 4th of Mehrgarh ends.
  • Antecedent of the Indus Valley Civilization begins, one of the world's three earliest urban civilizations, contemporary to Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

2800 BC
  • Kot Diji phase of the Indus Valley Civilization.  The civilization used early form of script called Indus script.

2600 BC
  • Mature Harappan phase of the Indus Valley Civilization.  The cities of Harappa, Lothal, Kalibangan and Mohenjo-daro become large metropolises and the civilization expands to over 2, 500 cities and settlements in north western and western India, and parys of Afghanistan and Iran.  It covered a region of around one million square meters, which was larger than the land area of its contemporaries Egypt and Mesopotamia combined, it had superior urban planning sewage systems.

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Chronology of Events

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