PSC Examination Expected Questions - 139

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1. The first labor bank in Kerala is Akathethara in ..... district ?
Answer :- Palakkad

2. Where is Putharikandam ground situated?
Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

3. The first light house in western coast was established in 1862 at?
Answer :- Alappuzha

4. In which district is Thanneermukkom Barrage?
Answer :- Alappuzha

5. The back ground of the novel 'God of small Things' by Arundathy Roy?
Answer :- Aymanam

6. Pallivasal, the first Hydro Electric Project is in the district of ?
Answer :- Idukki

7. 'Land of Sandal Forest' ?
Answer :- Marayur

8. The first city in Kerala where public transort system was introduced ?
Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

9. Power house of Idukki Hydel Project is situated at?
Answer :- Moolamattom

10. The first rubber park in Kerala?
Answer :- Airapuram

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