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Friday, 7 February 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 136

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First in World
1. First United Nation Deputy Secretary General?
Answer :- Louise Frechette

2. First Asian to head the Prestigious Trinity College of Cambridge University?
Answer :- Amartya Sen

3. First Goodwill Games were held at?
Answer :- Moscow

4. First Heart Bypass Operation by a Robot was carried out in?
Answer :- Germany

5. First South Asian to receive the World Statesman Award?
Answer :- K.R.Narayanan
6. First Physically Disabled Person to climb Mount Everest?
Answer :- Tom Whittakar

7. First Bowler to claim a hatrick in successive Tests?
Answer :- Wasim Akram

8. First Rocket to aunched into space from a Sea Platform ?
Answer :- Zenith

9. First Ethnic Indian Prime Minister of Fiji?
Answer :- Mahendra Choudhary

10. First person to have a longest stay atop Mount Everest?
Answer :- Babu Chiri Sherpa

11. World's first cloned Human Baby?
Answer :- Eve

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  1. Hi sir,I am confused with the following
    1.which the oldest European fort in India.
    Emmanual Fort or Pallippuram Fort
    2.Which is the largest fresh water lake in India?
    Kolleru in AP or Wular in J&K
    3.Which is the smallest river in Kerala?
    Manjeswaram Puzha or Ayiroor River

    1. Thank you for the Questions, PSC Answers are
      1. Emmanual Fort
      2. Kolleru in AP