Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Five Year Plans Part - 3

Seventh Five Year Plan
(1985 - 1990)
The seventh plan emphasised policies and programmes which would accelerate the growth in foodgrains production, increase employment opportunities and raise productivity.It also aimed to eliminate proverty and unemployment. The plan had a long-term objective of achieving self-sustaining growth by the year 2000.
Targeted Growth Rate was 5% and the Realization growth rate was 6%. 

Eighth Five Year Plan
(1992 - 1997)
The eighth plan was postponed due to political uncertainty of Central Government.From 1990 to 1992 two annual plans were introduced. New economic reforms (Privatization and Liberalization)  were introduced during the Eighth plan period which resulted in an economic growth and improvement the quality of life of the common man.
Targeted Growth Rate was 6.8% 

Ninth Five Year Plan
(1997 - 2002)
The focus of the ninth plan was on growth with social justice and equality. It assigned priority to agriculture and rural development with a view to generating adequate productive employmet and eradication of poverty.It aimed to stabilize the prices in order to accelerate the growth rate of the economy and ensure food and nutrition security.
Targeted Growth Rate was 6.5% and the Realization growth rate was 5.4% only. 

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