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Thursday, 30 January 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 131

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Human Body
1. Which part of the body is affected by polio ?
Answer :- Central nervous system

2. Eczema is a disease that affects .....?
Answer :- Skin

3. Which organ of the human body is affected by Bright's disease?
Answer :- Kidney

4. Trachoma is a disease affecting .....?
Answer :- Eyes

5. Which vitamin is also known as retinol?
Answer :- Vitamin A
6. The vitamin that is not present in any vegetables is ....?
Answer :- Vitamin D

7. Which vitamin is ascorbic acid?
Answer :- Vitamin C

8.The deficiency of which vitamin results in scurvy?
Answer :- Vitamin C

9. Which animals other than human being have chromosome number 46?
Answer :- Muntjac

10. Which was the first disease to be declared eradicated by the WHO?
Answer :- Small Pox

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