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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 129

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Human Body
1. Which is the largest endocrine gland ?
Answer :- Thyroid Gland

2. Which is known as 'the emergency hormone'?
Answer :- Adrenaline

3. What is known as 'the Master Gland'?
Answer :- Pitutary Gland

4. The islets of langerhans is the cells in which gland?
Answer :- Pancreas

5. What is the main function of the hormone insulin, which secreted by the pancreas gland?
Answer :- Control the sugar level
6. Which gland becomes fully developed by the age of 7 and degenerates and disappears after the age of 14?
Answer :- Thynus Gland

7. Which gland is also known as 'the biological clock'?
Answer :- Pineal Gland

8. Glaucoma is a disease affecting ......?
Answer :- Eyes

9. Which microcosm is behind the disease color blindness?
Answer :- It is hereditary disease

10. Which disease affecting the vision is also known as 'Daltonism'?
Answer :- Color blindness

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