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Saturday, 18 January 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 126

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11. Which capital of the newly born country South Sudan?
Answer :- Juba

12. Who was the author of the first audio novel in Malayalam 'Ithanente Peru'?
Answer :- Zakkariya

13. Who was the first women ruler in Kerala History?
Answer :- Umayamma Rani

14. Which neighbouring country got a soft loan of $ 1 billion from India in October 2011?
Answer :- Nepal

15. Which among the following is a BRICS member?
(Pakisthan, South Korea, Chile, South Africa)
Answer :- South Africa

16. Steve Jobes was the co-founder and former chief executive of?
Answer :- APPLE

17. Which Indian state was the first to launch health insurance policy, covering all its population?
Answer :- Goa

18. With which sports item is Queenberry Rules related?
Answer :- Boxing

19. Footies is the stock market index of?
Answer :- London Stock Exchange

20. Hina Rabbani is the Minister of Foregin Affairs of ?
Answer :- Pakistan

Do You Know??  Which is the only ocean without a port?

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