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Friday, 20 December 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 108

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Group Terms

  • A Colony of Bats
  • A sloth of Bears
  • A singular of Boars
  • A herd of Buffaloes
  • A flock of Camels
  • A clowder of Cats
  • A herd of Cattle
  • A herd of Cows
  • A pack of Dogs
  • A herd of Elephants
  • A skulk of Foxes
  • A tower of Giraffes
  • A tribe of Goats
  • A leap of Hares
  • A crash of Hippopotamuses
  • A passel of Hogs
  • A team of Horses
  • A pack of Hounds
  • A troop/cort of Kangaroos
  • A kindle of Kittens(cats)
  • A fall of Lambs
  • A leap of Leopards
  • A pride of Lions
  • A troop of Monkeys
  • A yoke of Oxen
  • A sounder of Pigs
  • A litter of Puppies
  • A bury of Rabbits
  • A swarm of Rats
  • A crash of Rhinoceroses
  • A flock of Sheep
  • A dray of Squirrels
  • A sounder of Swine
  • An ambush of Tigers
  • A school of whales
  • A pack of Wolves
  • A zeal of Zebra

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