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Thursday, 12 December 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 106

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Indian Writers in English
1. Malgudi Days
2. The Dark Room
3. The Vendor of sweets
4. Bachelor of Arts
5. Painter of Sing
6. Swami and Friend
7. The English Teacher
8. Mr.Sampath
9. The Financial Expert
10. Waiting for Mahatma
11. The Guide
12. The painter of Signs
13. A Tiger for Malgudi
14. The world of Nagaraj
15. Grandmother's Tale

Kushwant Singh

1. A train to Pakistan
2. Burial at sea
3. In the company of women love
4. Truth and a little Malice
5. The company of women
6. Book of Unforgettable Women

Arundhati Roy

1. The God of small Things (Booker Prize in 1997)
2. The End of Imagination
3. Greater Common Good
4. Algebra and Infinite Justice
5. The cost of Living
6. Power Politics
7. War Talk
8. An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire
Anita Desai
1. The Artist of Disappearance
2. The Zigzag Way
3. Diamond dust and other stories
4. Fasting and Feasting
5. The village by the sea
6. Clear light of day
7. Fire on the Mountain
8. Games at Twilight
9. Cat on a Houseboat
10. The peacock garden
11. Voice of the city
12. Cry, The peocock

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