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1. The reports of Public Accounts Committees is presented in the .... ?
Answer :- Lok Sabha

2. Which article deals with procedure of amendment of the constitution of India?
Answer :- 368

3. Who is the constitutional head of the state?
Answer :- Governor

4. The idea of Division of Powers is borrowed from ?
Answer :- Canada

5. Which article deals with provision for joint sitting of Parliament?
Answer :- 108
6. Indian Constitution borrowed  the method of President election from ?
Answer :- Ireland

7. The State Election Commissioner is appointed by ?
Answer :- Governor

8. Who was the first ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha?
Answer :- Dr.S.Radhakrishnan

9. How many members are elected to Rajyasabha from Kerala?
Answer :- 9

10. Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the supervision of ?
Answer :- Speaker
11. The CAG established by the Constitution under chapter?
Answer :- 5

12. The Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system of ?
Answer :- Briton

13. How many times has the Preamble of the Indian Constitution amended so far?
Answer :- 1

14. Yochana Bhavan associated with ?
Answer :- Planning Commission

15. Citizenship provisions are mentioned in .....?
Answer :- Part 2
16. Which article deals with election of President?
Answer :- 54

17. Pranab Mukherji take oath before ....?
Answer :- S.H.Kapadia

18. Who is responsible to make changes in names and boundaries of the sates?
Answer :- Parliament

19. Which is the oldest High Court in India?
Answer :- Kolkata

20. Who was the first women judge of Supreme Court of India?
Answer :- Fathima Beevi
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