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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 102

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1. Name the country where Ankor Vat Temple is situated ?
Answer :- Cambodia

2. Name the Island known as the birth place of Eco-Tourism?
Answer :- Galapagos

3. First state from India to declare tourism as an industry is ?
Answer :- Kerala

4. Where is Bhadavgarh National Park?
Answer :- Madhya Pradesh
5. Name the first Biodphere Reserve in India?
Answer :- Nelgiri Bio-Sphere Reserve

6. Where is Great Barrier Reef?
Answer :- Queensland in Australia

7. Name the state in India have maximum number of world heritage sites?
Answer :- Uttar Pradesh

8. Where is the heritage site rock shelters of Bhimbetka situated?
Answer :- Madhya Pradesh

9. Name the state where the natural heritage site Bharathpur Bird Sanctuary is ?
Answer :- Rajasthan

10. Name the Asian Country were natural heritage site Central Highlands is situated?
Answer :- Srilanka
12. Name the UNESCO heritage site in Jaipur?
Answer :- Jantar Mantar

13. Where is Humayuns Tomb?
Answer :- Delhi

14. Where is Tiruvalluvar Statue?
Answer :- Kanyakumari

15. Tour de France is related with which sporting event?
Answer :- Cycling 

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