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1.Who is the Chairman of University Grand Commission ?
Answer :- Prof.Ved Prakash

2. Who is the Chairman of National Literacy Mission Authority ?
Answer :- Rajeev Kumar Singh

3. Who is the Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) ?
Answer :- Prof.N.Aslam

4. Who is Chairman of National Knowledge Commission?
Answer :- Sam Pitroda

5. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kerala University?
Answer :- Dr. N.Veeramanikandan (In charge)

6. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Calicut University ?
Answer :- Dr.M.Abdul Salam

7. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kannur University ?
Answer :- Dr.M.K.Abdul Khader

8. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Mahatma Gandhi University (MG University) ?
Answer :- Dr.A.V.George

9. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Cochin University of Science and Technology ?
Answer :- Dr.K.Poulose Jacob (Pro Vice Chancellor holding charge of Vice Chancellor)

10. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kerala Agricultural University?
Answer :- Dr.P.Rajendran

11. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit?
Answer :- Dr.M.C.Dileepkumar

12. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Central University of Kerala?
Answer :- Dr.Jancy James (Retired from office from 

13. Who is Vice Chancellor of  The English and Foreign Language University (EFLU)?
Answer :- Prof.Sunaina Singh

14. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies?
Answer :- Dr.B.Madhusoodhana Kurup

15. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kerala University of Health Science?
Answer :- Dr.K.Mohandas

16. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University ?
Answer :- Dr.B.Ashok

17. Who is Vice Chancellor of  National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS)?
Answer :- N.Balu

18. Who is Vice Chancellor of  Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University?
Answer :- K.Jayakumar

19. Who is Chancellor of  Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology ?
Answer :- A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

20. Vice Chancellor of Kerla Kalamandalam ?
Answer :-  P.N.Suresh 
Last Update on :- 06/03/2014
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