LDC Examination Expected Questions - 66 (English)

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Change into Passive Voice

Change into Passive Voice
1. Repair it.
2. Do the cats attack the Dogs?
3. We can see stars at night.
4. The Driver is stopped the bus.
5. They have examined the papers.
6. Meera had won the match.
7. We will conduct a meeting.
8. The thief took everything.
9. The doctor was giveing him first aid.
10. We must help the poor.

  1. Let it be repaired.
  2. Are the dogs attacked by the cat?
  3. Stars can be seen at night.
  4. The bus is being stopped by the driver.
  5. The papers have been examined by them.
  6. The match had been won by Meera.
  7. A meeting will be conducted by us.
  8. Everything was taken by the thief.
  9. First-aid was being given to him by the doctor.
  10. The poor must helped.

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