LDC Examination Expected Questions - 61

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571. Bile secreted by liver helps in ?
Answer :- Digestion

572. The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located at ?
Answer :- New Delhi

573. Pollination by insects is called ?
Answer :- Entomophily

574. Study of joints is called ?
Answer :- Arthrology

575. Destruction of Red Blood Cell take place in ?
Answer :- Spleen

576. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of ?
Answer :- Dialysis

577. The excreta of lizards and birds contains a white component which is chemically ?
Answer :- uric acid
578. Water and mineral salts are translocated in plants in the ...?
Answer :- xylem

579. Osmotic pressure of the body regulated by ?
Answer :- sodium

580. Quinine, the commonly used drug for malaria, is obtained from a plant. What part of the plant yields the drug?
Answer :- Stem bark

581. Ring worm is a disease caused by the ?
Answer :- fungus that forms mycelia in the skin

582. Bronchitis is the abnormality of ?
Answer :- respiratory tract

583. Which part of the tooth is covered by enamel ?
Answer :- Crown

584. Jurpentine is obtained from ?
Answer :- Pine

585. In countries where polished rise is the main cereal in their diet, people suffer from ?
Answer :- beri-beri

586. The medicine for typhoid is ?
Answer :- Chloromycetin

587. Seed dormacy can be broken by treating the seeds with ?
Answer :- Gibberellic acid
588. Hemophilia a human disease is caused by ?
Answer :- mutant gene

589. Urea is produced from an amino acid know as ...?
Answer :- a variety of wheat

590. The polio virus enters the body through ?
Answer :- contaminated food and water



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