LDC Examination Expected Questions - 58 (Question Tag)

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English Grammar - Question Tag

1. We have never consulted him,......?
A] have we
B] haven't we
C] do we
D] did we

2. The flower was beautiful,..........?
A] Wasn't it
B] was the flower
C] was it
D] none of this

3. The bus will stop here,........?
A] willn't it
B] will it
C] won't it
D] does it

4. Few students knew the answer,........?
A] do they
B] didn't they
C] did they
D] don't they

5. Rani rarely comes late,.........?
A] does she
B] doesn't she
C] has she
D] did she

6. I am not a post graduate,..........?
A] aren't I
B] am I
C] do I
D] don't you

7.Let them go,.......?
A] do they
B] does they
C] shall they
D] don't they

8.None of us played well,..........?
A] didn't we 
B] don't we
C] did us
D] did we

9.Somebody has stopped the machine,........?
A] hasn't it
B] has it
C] has they
D] haven't they

10.You won't tell anybody,.........?
A] will you
B] won you
C] do you
D] does you

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