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Sunday, 20 October 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 54

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General Knowledge
551. Unlike most animal cell, which cell generally do not divide ?
Answer :- Neurons

552. Which is the leading producer of silver in the World?
Answer :- Peru

553. What are the egg laying mammals?
Answer :- Platypus and Echidna

554. The mandible is a bone found in ....?
Answer :- Skull
555. Parkinson's disease affects which part of the body?
Answer :- Nervous System

556. Which part of brain controls voluntary actions in the body?
Answer :- Cerebrum

557. Electroencephalography is done to study the activities in which part of the body?
Answer :- Brain

558. About 95 % of the absorption of nutrients in the human body occurs at ............?
Answer :- Small Intestine
559. Which organ produces the hormone renin?
Answer :- Kidney

560. Who is known as the second law officer in India?
Answer :- Solicitor General of India

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