PSC Examination Expected Questions - 30

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291. The best conductor of electricity is ........... ?
Answer :- Silver

292. Which of the following eye defects can be corrected by using convex lens ?
Answer :- Long Sight

293. Who was the inventor of stainless steel ?
Answer :- Harry Brearley

294. When ice melts, its volume ............?
Answer :- Decreases

295. The unit of power is ............?
Answer :- Watt

296. In India the fast breeder reacter is installed at ?
Answer :- Kalpakkam

297. The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light ?
Answer :- Tachyon

298. Fathom is the unit used for measuring ?
Answer :- Depth

299. Magnetic field of electric current was discovered by ?
Answer :- Faraday

300. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by ?
Answer :- a dynamo

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