LDC Examination Expected Questions - 26

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251. The carbon of organic components in plants comes from ............  ?
Answer :- Atmospheric Carbon-dioxide

252. Hepatology is the study of ...........?
Answer :- Liver

253. The blood pressure is controlled by the hormone ..........?
Answer :- Vassopressin

254. The chemical name of Vitamin A is ...........?
Answer :- Retinol

255. The most important organ of the human body is ........?
Answer :- Heart

256. Normal temperature of Human body?
Answer :-  98.4 F (37 C)

257. Antibiotic is a substance used to kill ..........?
Answer :- Micro Organisms

258. Who developed the technique DNA finger printing ?
Answer :- Jeffery

259. Vitamin necessary to prevent prolonged bleeding ?
Answer :- Vitamin K 

260. the tear gland are called ............?
Answer :- Lachrymal gland

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