LDC Examination Expected Questions - 25

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241. Some consumers think it dangerous to eat pork as ........ ?
Answer :- Pork carries tap worm infections

242. The dangestine and breathing passages cross in the .........?
Answer :- Trachea

243. Tetanus is transmitted through .........?
Answer :- Wound

244. Which of these vaccines is the latest ? 
[Rabies; Typhus; Smallpox; Polio]
Answer :- Typhus

245. What does a Geriatrist study ?
Answer :- Diseases of old age

246. Cultivation of trees and grasses together is called .........?
Answer :- Silvi Culture

247. Cholesterol is a ...........
Answer :- Fat

248. Nodules with Nitrogen fixing bacteria are present in the roots of ............?
Answer :- Gram

249. Which of the animal is an endangered animal in India ?
[Wolf ; Ass ; Monkey; Tiger]
Answer :- Tiger

250. The seat of memory in human brain is located in the ..........?
Answer :- Cerebrum

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