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LDC Examination Expected Questions - 9

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81. Which is the most suitable soil for the cultivation of cotton?
Answer :- Black soil

82. Indian Standard Time(IST) is calculated on the basis of 82.5 Degree East longituide, from a clock tower in ?
Answer :- Mirzapur (UP)

83. Which city is known as the 'Athens of the East'?
Answer :- Madurai

84. How many Indian States have costliness?
Answer :- 9

85. Which state's important tribal people are Khonds?
Answer :- Odisha

86. Which Indian state share borders with maximum number of states?
Answer :- Uttar Pradesh

87. Which was known as 'Sindhu Sagar' in ancient time?
Answer :- Arabian Sea

88. The pre-monsoon showers in the western states of India is known as ....?
Answer :- Mago Showers

89.The Lushai Hills are mainly situated in the Indian state of....?
Answer :-  Mizoram

90. What is the rank amoung the world countries in the total forest area?
Answer :- 10
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