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Saturday, 21 September 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 8

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71. Which is the name of the island in which the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is situated ?
Answer :- Salsette Island

72. Govind Ballah Pant Sagar Reservoir is formed by which dam?
Answer :- Rihand Dam

73. The barrier Island Sriharikota is situated on ....?
Answer :- Bey of Bengal

74. What is the name of the Brahmaputra river in Bangladesh?
Answer :- Jamuna River

75. Which Indian river orginateds from mount Kanchanjunga?
Answer :- Teesta River

76. Which river is known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet?
Answer :- Brahmaputra

77. The main distributary of the Ganges that flowa through Bangladesh is known as ?
Answer :- Padma River

78. Name the tributary of the Yamuna which orginates from the Vindya-Satpura watershed?
Answer :- Chambal

79. River Karnaphuli flows through which Indian State?
Answer :- Mizoram

80. In India highest temperature was recorded at ?
Answer :- Dholpur
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