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61. What is the approximate length of the Western Ghats ?
Answer :- 1,600 km

62. Which is the joining place of the Eastern and Western Ghats?
Answer :- Nilgiri Hills

63. Accross which river is the Prakash Barage?
Answer :- Waghur (Tributary of Tapti River)

64. Which is India's largest west flowing river?
Answer :- Narmada

65. Which is the only mud volcano in India?
Answer :-  Baratang

66. Which the only river in india that flowa in a rift vally?
Answer :- Narmada

67. Which river flows between the ranges of Satpura and Vindhya?
Answer :- Narmada

68. The famous Dhuandhar Falls is on the river?
Answer :- Narmada

69. Which Indian State covers the 61% of the Thar Desert ?
Answer :- Rajasthan

70. Which is India's only activated volcano?
Answer :- Barren Island
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