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Monday, 16 September 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 6

51. The Cumene Process or Hock Process is used for developing ?
Answer :- Phenol

52.Who was the first Vice President of USA?
Answer :- John Adams

53. What is the main component of cement?
Answer :- Tricalcium Silicate

54. The writer from Kerala who was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984?
Answer :- Madhavikutty(Kamala Das)

55. Which Gulf nation has its independence Day on August 15?
Answer :- Baharin

56. Which countrie's state religion is Vijrayana Budhisam?
Answer :- Bhutan

57. What is the total number of Articles in the Constitution of USA?
Answer :- 7

58. Which country's classical dance form is Uda Rata Natum?
Answer :- Sri Lanks

59. Every candidate for the post of Indian Vice President has to make a security deosit of Rs.15,000/- in the ..... bank?
Answer :- Reserve Bank of India

60. Which is the first Grama Panchayath in Kerala to prepare a bio-diversity register?
Answer :- Edavaka (Wayanad)
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