LDC Examination Expected Questions - 5

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41. Which is the period of the 13th Finance Commission ?
Answer :- 2010 -15

42. The total number of districts at the time of the formation of Kerala State?
Answer :- 5

43. The headquarters of the International Labour Organisation ?
Answer :- Geneva

44. The total number of Jain Tirthankaras?
Answer :- 24

45. In which district is the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary?
Answer :- Kozhikkode

46. The second Chief Minister of Kerala, Pattom Thanu Pilla represented ?
Answer :- Praja Socialistic Party

47. Who was the first women recipient of the JC Daniel Award?
Answer :- Aranmula Ponnamma

48. The first Indian to score Test Cricket centuary?
Answer :- Lala Amarnath

49. The country which launch 'Kuafu' Space craft?
Answer :- China

50. India's First Five Year Plan was based on ?
Answer :- Harrod-Domer Model
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